April 16, 2014

6 Steps to Kickstart a Meaningful Life

tumblr_inline_n3tm2igUCN1st1vs8Where Do I Start? Start with your heart.

What is meaningful to you?

The best way to begin to answer this question is to get heart-centered.  By this, I mean actually focusing on your heart.  Starting a practice of sitting quietly and being fully with your own heart is the best way to start to understand how you feel as well as the best way to learn about which direction to go in.   Nowhere else do we find the truth.  This is our connection to our deepest self, and also our link to the rest of the universe.

So find a comfortable place to sit, start with some relaxing breaths and with your mind’s eye look down at your heart center.  What do you feel?  What is the quality of the space?  It will be different on any given day.  Sometimes we are agitated and this process might lead us to shed some tears.  This is good!  Other times we might just feel a slight warmth.  Whatever the feeling is, the most important outcome is that you are sitting lovingly with yourself.  Patience is key and accepting whatever it is you are feeling is the only goal.  Especially when all you feel is uncertainty!  This relationship has all your answers.  This is your own personal guru and coach.

What do you love?

Often times we cling to ideas long after they have ceased to be relevant for us. Begin a practice of noticing. When are you relaxed?  When do you feel excited?  What are the situations in which you feel useful and appreciated?  Set down all your usual answers about what you think you love and begin to listen for these answers in a fresh way.

The Big Wish List

Most people want to feel connected, appreciated, and loved.  While we cannot demand any of these qualities from a partner or a job, what we can do is figure out how to create these within ourselves.  Where do I feel connected?  Where would I like to connect more?  Who do I want to love?  In what ways can I appreciate myself more as well as the people around me?  Answering these questions for yourself is key to moving into a live of meaning.

Don’t wait for one job or person to give your life meaning

When we are in love we feel that the object of our affection is making us feel this way.  The truth is that we have found someone that we can project our vast amount of love onto.  This is the good news.  Don’t wait for anyone to give your life meaning.  Don’t wait for a job to fill all the empty places and to ‘make’ you feel important.  Rally the spiritual muscle to create ways where you can share your gifts, whereby you fill the emptiness with yourself.  You become the creator of your meaningful life.  You become full-of-meaning and you share yourself with everyone around you.

Stay curious

Sometimes opening up to these questions is scary.  If you look at each day as a chance to be curious you can transform the uneasiness of not knowing into a friendlier way of being in the world.  What is showing up today?  Sniff out anything that seems interesting.  Go where it’s warm.  Be proactive and create a loving moment.

Don’t confuse meaning with happiness

Happiness is fleeting, coming and going within the days and months.  Meaning is built over time and is sustainable.  When we have made choices to create a meaningful life we can weather the unhappy situations better, knowing that we are human like everyone else and that our life will have ups and downs, and we have created a base of self confidence and personal power being true to our heart and making meaningful choices.