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SECTION ONE: Welcome to the Purpose Economy                                             

Chapter One: The Purpose Economy

There are developments in every industry and city that look unrelated up close but that reveal a pattern when looked at from a distance. They are all connected to creating purpose for people.  They represent a new economic era that is driven by the three types of purpose we seek in our lives.

Chapter Two: Economic Evolution

There have been three major economic eras in history – agrarian, industrial and information.  We are now seeing the rise of the fourth era – one based on creating purpose for people.

Chapter Three: The Ten Drivers of the Purpose Economy

Social, political, environmental and business changes are combining at this moment in history to give rise to the Purpose Economy.  The drivers explain the new economy but also provide insight into how it will take shape. 

SECTION TWO: Personal Purpose: Owning It

Chapter Four: Purpose is What Matters

When it comes to happiness and well-being, what matters most is purpose.  And given the amount of time we spend at work, it is in our careers that we should primarily focus our pursuit of purpose.

Chapter Five: Purpose Myth Busting

Most of what we know about purpose is wrong.  New research over the last decade is helping us understand what really generates purpose and this knowledge will change the foundation of how we think about our careers and lives.

Chapter Six: The WHO, HOW & WHY of Purpose

What boosts purpose at work varies by person.  We all need to know the who, how and why of what generates purpose for ourselves so we can use our professional purpose patterns to manage our careers.

Chapter Seven: Practicing Purpose

Finding purpose at work is a journey with no end. It is the process of constantly managing our relationships, tasks and mindset to optimize for what matters. 

SECTION THREE: Social Purpose: The Purpose Economy Organization

Chapter Eight: The Purpose Economy Organization

The organizations that thrive in the next economic era will embrace purpose in how they work as well as in their products, services and relationships.  Some leaders in the economy have already begun to uncover the keys to success going forward.

Chapter Nine: Purposeful Ventures – Five Opportunities

The Purpose Economy is radically disrupting massive markets.  These changes in fields like healthcare, retail and education are creating exciting opportunities to do well and do good on unprecedented scales.

Chapter Ten: Working with Purpose – The Purpose Driven Professional

The workforce is a significant part of what is changing in the new economy.  The purpose worker is replacing the knowledge worker and in the process changing how we need to approach hiring, engaging and retaining talent.

Chapter Eleven: Leading with Purpose

The new model of leadership is modeled less on the military and more on community organizing, a practice developed by the Boomer generation in the 1960’s. 

SECTION FOUR:  Societal Purpose: Moving Markets

Chapter Twelve: Market Movers

In the Purpose Economy we should aspire to not only build successful organizations but to shape and build markets.  We are in a moment of transition and those with the creativity and ambition can truly change the world.

Chapter Thirteen: The Fives Ways to Move a Market

Five years of research has uncovered the genome for moving a market.  There are only fives ways that it can be done and by studying them you can radically increase your odds of success.

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