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When you purchase Purpose Economy you are joining a movement to evolve the economy to serve people first. All proceeds from sales go to support, our online career development platform where you can discover, connect and act on what gives you purpose at work. Our goal is to bring purpose to 10 million people by the end of the decade. We believe these people will change the world.
Imperative: Work with Purpose

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    • In this powerful webinar you uncover what drives purpose for you and how to increase your sense of meaning in the work you are doing today.

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    • Commit to owning your professional purpose and support the movement with this premium 100% jersey cotton “will work for purpose” t-shirt.

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    • Enable your team to understand and visualize their individual and collective purpose with this custom designed infographic of your Purpose Patterns.

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    • Aaron will host an inspiring webinar for your organization where he will explain the science behind purpose and empower your team to do great work.