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Success in The Purpose Economy

Urgency for Companies in the Purpose Economy

Having a purpose or value proposition doesn’t make an organization a Purpose Economy organization – every organization has a purpose or value proposition or it quickly dies. A Purpose Economy organization creates purpose for its employees and customers—through serving real needs, enabling personal growth, and building community.

Purpose Economy organizations are emerging with incredibly diverse ways to create purpose. Organizations that are thriving in the new economy are integrating at least one of them into their enterprise.

  1. Deliver purpose to their customers – make it their core value proposition.
  2. Design the organization around generating purpose for employees.
  3. Develop a supply chain that shifts markets to boost purpose.


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3Share your story about purpose in your organization and inspire others.
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Stories + Resources

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February 11, 2014 | Purpose Economy

Matt Stinchcomb humbly shares that his band, French Kicks, never got massively famous but he concedes that as far as bands go they got pretty far. They went European tours, on late night TV and performed in front of thousands of people. … Read More

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December 15, 2013 | Purpose Economy

Zaarly and Yelp are in roughly the same business – connecting consumers to the services and products in their vicinity. They also share a key cultural practice. They both bang gongs to celebrate wins.

What is telling, however, is the … Read More

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