Aaron Hurst

An award-winning entrepreneur and author, Aaron Hurst is a leading expert in the fields of purpose at work and social innovation. He has addressed countless corporate, educational and non-profit audiences worldwide. Through his disruptive thought leadership on employee engagement and retention, Aaron has been charting new ground for visionary organizations and movements looking to bring purpose to their people and change the nature of work in the process. 

Speaking Topics

Finding Your Purpose 

This informative and inspiring talk is designed to equip the Millennial workforce with the tools needed to be fully engaged and fulfilled at current and future work.
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Leading with Purpose

How your organization can attract and retain Millennials and other purpose-driven professionals who are motivated, engaged and committed to your mission.
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Disrupting Markets

How to use the same tactics as Steve Jobs and Elon Musk to design and move a market to adopt your product, service or idea on a large scale.
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The Next Silicon Valley

Detroit was the hub of the Industrial Economy. Silicon Valley played the same key role in the Information Economy. How can your city be in the position to be the hub for the Purpose Economy?
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