Leading With Purpose

How your organization can attract and retain Millennials and other purpose-driven professionals who are motivated, engaged and committed to your mission.

Are you doing enough to attract and deeply engage purpose-driven employees? In the Purpose Economy, Aaron Hurst argues that purpose has overtaken information as the core driver of the global economy. Leaders from all industries who understand the new economy early are in the best position to capitalize on this huge market shift while fundamentally changing the nature of business. Referencing groundbreaking research in positive psychology, Aaron will first speak on attracting millennials and other purpose-driven professionals to your organization and motivating them to do their best work. Professionals who are focused on purpose and see their work as a calling have greater personal well-being and as a result are more productive and committed to their organizations. He will also address how to effectively guide your existing workforce in crafting their own jobs. A practice proven to significantly increase retention and well-being.

  • Learn what millennials are looking for at work and how to engage them
  • A guide on building community leaders within your organization
  • The three approaches to a purpose economy organization and which will work for you

Optional: Additional small interactive workshop led by the Imperative team on creating your own purpose statements and aiding your team to do the same.

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