The Next Silicon Valley

Detroit was the hub of the Industrial Economy. Silicon Valley played the same key role in the Information Economy. What is the likely next economy and how can your city be position to be its hub and benefit from its rise? Citing breakthrough socio-economic research, Aaron Hurst argues that information is being replaced by purpose as the main driver of the global economy and the cities embracing this new economy early are positioned for economic boom. In this inspiring talk, Aaron will show government, non-profit organizations and private businesses how to spark meaningful local change with nationwide impact. The result for the city that decides to adopt the Purpose Economy as their movement will be a more engaged and fulfilled workforce, a more socially engaged citizenry and a surge in businesses that better serve people and the world.

  • Evidence and research behind the rise of the Purpose Economy
  • How the new economy will bring economic boom to your city
  • Using the five levers of social change to spark innovation and change locally

Optional: The Purpose Economy team will lead a workshop on designing a campaign to spark the change in your city.

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