Finding Your Purpose

This informative and inspiring talk is designed equip the millennial workforce with the tools needed to be fully engaged and fulfilled at current and future work. Using groundbreaking research in positive psychology and his experience working with over 25,000 purpose-seeking professionals at Taproot, Aaron shows young professionals how to design their work to be rich in meaning and purpose. He draws on stories from professionals who have embraced purpose and meaning at work across all fields and occupations to paint a vivid picture of what purpose at work looks like for each of us. Each attendee will be guided in determining the who, why and how of their individual purposeful work journey and shown how to use this knowledge to craft a work experience in any job that is engaging, allows expression and creates meaning.

  • An overview of the myths that exist about purpose and what working purposefully actually means
  • An understanding of your individual Purpose ProfileTM and how to apply it to your work
  • Next steps to immediately begin crafting your current job into your calling

Optional: Small interactive workshop led by the Purpose Economy team on creating individual purpose statements.

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