Vision for 2020

We are focused on specific goals to accelerate the rise of the Purpose Economy by the year 2020:

10,000,000 Professionals with Purpose

We are engaging professionals to own and act on their purpose. We will help them develop their personal purpose statements and learn to use them to redesign their approach to work to make it rich in purpose. Bring purpose to your career.

10,000 Organizations

We are inspiring and enabling organizations to cultivate purpose-rich cultures that best serve their employees, customers and the world.. Bring purpose to your organization.

1,000 Purpose Cities

We are working with cities across the globe to design the blueprint for the Purpose City. We work with the most dynamic urban thinkers & doers – spanning policy, architecture, design, technology, activism and academia – to co-create cities that enable self-expression, community, and impact for all. Bring purpose to your city.

100 Purpose Markets

We are identifying and catalyzing key markets that advance the Purpose Economy. For emerging industries that increase community, PERSONAL GROWTH and impact, we are supporting market movers as they cross the chasm from early adopters to the majority of society. Meet 100 leaders moving markets in the Purpose Economy.